McCarty Tubing Plant

The McCarty Tubing Plant is our first location in Houston, Texas for pipe finishing operations. Today we have three (3) heat treat lines to service you. We offer pipe threading, upsetting, normalizing, quench and tempering for various areas of Oil Country Tubular Goods.

At McCarty we have five (5) pipe threading line and three (3) pipe upsetting lines with 4”, 5” and 6” Ajax Upsetters with power parts induction heaters. For heat treatment, we have two (2) Normalizer lines and three (3) Quench and Temper lines all with power parts induction heaters.

In 2010, we produced over 420,000 tons of pipe varying from different grades.

We invite you to come and visit us at the McCarty Plant. Click here for directions.

McCarty Plant
1010 McCarty Dr. Houston, TX 77029