About Us

Tubular Services began finishing operations at the McCarty location in Houston, Texas as an A.P.I. license holder in September 1978. In 1981, due to increasing market demands, Tubular Services opened a new casing finishing plant at 2030 Jacintoport Boulevard. We are currently building a new heat treat facility at Bear Bayou.

A.P.I. casing products were first produced in June 1982 at the Jacintoport facility. Today, Tubular Services has expanded both plants to the current annual capacity which exceeds 250,000 tons.

TSI’s management team has more than 100 years experience in various areas relating to oil country tubulars. At Tubular Services, quality and services are of utmost importance. All TSI employees are committed to maintain our reputation as “on time-as promised”. Through the years, TSI has also been involved with more alliance programs with suppliers and customers.

Tubular Services has finished substantial quantities of casing and tubing for use in the domestic market. With our location being close to the Port of Houston, this provides economic and convenient movement when receiving ocean vessel shipments.

Our goal is to update and maintain our plants and equipments to the latest industry standards. We invite you to visit our facilities to receive a first hand tour.