Tubular Services has been providing threaded tubing and casing for Oil Country Tubular Goods since 1978. We have over ten threading lines to service all your needs.

Our McCarty tubing plant has the capability to thread 3 ½ inches O.D. and under. We do 8 round threading finished for 2 3/8 inches O.D. to 3 ½ inches O.D. For IJ internal 10 round, we work with 1 ¼ inches O.D. to 2 1/16 inches O.D. We thread pipes to the following A.P.I grades: J55, L80, N80, P110 and H40.

The Jacintoport casing plant has the capability to thread larger pipe sizes from 4½ inches O.D. to 13 3/8 inches O.D. We can thread plain end pipe to the following end finishes: buttress, and 8 round short thread, or long thread. We also thread pipes of the following A.P.I. grades: L80, N80, P110, J55 and K55. However, Tubular Services is currently in the process of developing a casing heat treat plant.

We invite you to come and visit us at both our tubing and casing plants.

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